Systems Engineering

  National Security Systems Innovators (NSSI), Inc. provides high quality, responsive and objective Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) support services to the Department of Defense (DoD), defense contractors, and commercial organizations. NSSI's corporate expertise includes: technical program management and advocacy; strategic planning; community liaison; architectural systems engineering; requirements synthesis; simulation and modeling; advanced reconnaissance and surveillance systems and applications; spectroradiometric phenomenology; systems performance evaluations and utility assessments; nonliteral imagery exploitation; geophysics; collection management; support to military operations; and operational product development.

NSSI's Technical Qualification Summary
Technical Program Management and Advocacy
Strategic Planning
Program / Project Planning
Community Liaison
Architectural Systems Engineering and Analysis Requirements Synthesis
Simulation and Modeling
Advanced Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems and Applications
Spectroradiometric Phenomenology
Remote Sensing System Performance Evaluations and Utility Assessments
Nonliteral Imagery Exploitation
Collection Requirements and Operations Management
Support to Military Operations
Operational Product Development