National Security Systems Innovators (NSSI), Inc. provides high quality, responsive and objective system Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) support and Quick Reaction technical consulting services to the Department of Defense (DoD), defense contractors, and commercial organizations. NSSI's, corporate expertise includes: technical program management and advocacy; strategic planning; community liaison; architectural systems engineering and analysis; requirements synthesis; simulation and modeling; advanced reconnaissance and surveillance systems and applications; spectroradiometric phenomenology; geophysics; collection requirements and operations management; support to military operations; and operational product development. Specific capabilities are highlighted in the Executive Summary and sections that summarize NSSI's systems engineering and consulting services.



From its base of experience in defense-related remote sensing research, NSSI has established an excellent reputation for technically managing multifaceted DoD programs, which is attributed to its sound project management practices and domain expertise. For example, during the peak years of the current DoD program, NSSI was responsible for planning and technically coordinating the activities of more than 50 principal investigators from over 20 government agencies, defense companies and universities. The company also facilitated the design and execution of ten major remote sensing campaigns using airborne reflective and emissive imaging spectroradiometers. The program is conducting applied research experiments to quantify performance and utility of spectroradiometric remote sensing system and their associated processing and exploitation algorithms and techniques to support future acquisition decisions. NSSI was also responsible for crafting the original proposal for a government agency on behalf of another government agency. Crafted in 18 days, the 60-page proposal presented a detailed plan that leveraged other DoD spectral initiatives. Today, the program has been adopted as a center of technical excellence and is governed by a 10-year strategic plan that specifies key tasks and milestones through 2005. NSSI Inc. developed and maintains the plan, which is used to produce the detailed annual program management plans.

NSSI, Inc. uses practical management tools to plan, coordinate and monitor complex, collaborative initiatives: 10-year strategic plan; annual program management plan; structured analysis, that defines the task activities , interfaces, inputs and products; statements of work; task work authorizations; cost tracking; weekly and monthly technical status reports; weekly staff meetings; peer based technical reviews; and annual program reviews. NSSI also employs joint government-contractor working groups which stimulate creative thinking and spawn novel approaches and recommendations for the Government.

NSSI, Inc. has been awarded the General Services Administration (GSA)ís Professional Engineering Services (PES) contract.††

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