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Executive Summary
It is essential for the United States to maintain its superiority in information gathering during the 21' Century by continuing to develop and operate advance reconnaissance and surveillance system that provide assured, responsive, actionable information to consumers. In order to harness multisensor collection and exploitation resources and technologies, the DoD requires technical support from organizations that possess the requisite technical expertise, experience and capabilities. NSSI Inc., a small business in Virginia, has provided systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) support and quick reaction technical consulting to the DoD since 1994. NSSI's founder, Dr. Gregory Pavlin, began his service to the DoD in 1973, when as an Air Force officer he began his career supporting the development, test and evaluation of advanced DoD reconnaissance and surveillance systems. Although his career has spanned several remote sensing disciplines, since 1994 he has been responsible for technically coordinating a substantial DoD program that is exploring the utility of passive, spectroradiometric remote sensing for a spectrum of potential applications. NSSI Inc., through its consulting services, has supported firms which we interested in applying remote sensing technology to commercial applications; e.g., minerals exploration, agriculture, forestry, urban planning, natural resources management, and law enforcement.

Currently, NSSI Inc. has one technical staff member and a corporate administrative assistant. NSSI's founder, Dr. Gregory Pavlin, has over 30 years of defense reconnaissance and surveillance experience that spans collection requirements and operations management, collection, processing, exploitation, analysis, production and dissemination. He obtained his doctorate in Geophysics from the Pennsylvania State University (1981) and possesses two Master of Science (MS) degrees. His first MS in Geophysics, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1973), focused on narrowband photometry of minerals and rock lithologies for remote sensing applications. His second MS in Strategic Intelligence, from the Defense Intelligence College (1987), refined his knowledge of advanced reconnaissance systems and their role in support of national security policy. On 1 July 2003, Colonel Pavlin completed 30 years of service with the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Additional information regarding NSSI's technical staff can be provided upon request, pending establishment of a "need to know."

NSSI's corporate headquarters is located in Great Falls, Virginia. Its modest facility supports unclassified research and administrative functions. All defense-related research activities are conducted in DoD facilities.

Contact Us
If you have questions or seek to explore a business relationship with NSSI Inc., please contact Dr. Gregory Pavlin at (703) 757-5008 (telephone and fax.) Dr. Pavlin's e-mail address is: and Mrs. Mitra Pavlin's e-mail address is: